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    Small changes to several things · 345d8b1f
    Sam Moore authored
    Changed combat outcomes for equivelant ranks:
    Up until now, victor was randomly chosen
    Changed so that result is always "BOTHDIE"
    Updated manual page for manager
    Added section on unbuffered stdin/stdout
    Modified sample agents to take into account MULTIPLIER
    There is no way for a human player to move the scout multiple spaces yet.
    Sample agents still play each other fine, but since none of them actually move scouts multiple spaces,
    this doesn't prove the new code works.
    TODO: Test properly (add scout movement to asmodeus and see if everything still works?)
    Updated webpage.
    Added section on unbuffered stdin/stdout
    Added some other pointless waffle. Mmmm waffle.
    Make simulate.py keep track of the round number properly.
    I'm sure this is simple to do, but I can't be bothered right now.
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