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    [RULE CHANGE] *Changed rule for Bombs*, tweaking vixen agent · f74c2985
    Sam Moore authored
    Previously, contact with a Bomb destroyed the Bomb even if the attacker was not a miner.
    Now, the only way to destroy a Bomb (ever) is to attack it with a miner.
    Yes, this means that if the enemy Flag is surrounded by Bombs and and AI has lost all its miners, it is impossible to win.
    This reflects the rules of the original game. My version is now identical to the original game.
    My original rule was intended to decrease the emphasis placed on Bombs and Miners.
    Having played a few games, I think the traditional Bomb rule is more interesting, even if it makes things harder for the AI.
    If there are any problems with this change, please email [email protected]
    I will be happy to revert to the previous rules if there is demand. This also goes for the change to equivelant ranks combat (earlier commit today).
    Updated vixen agent's scoring to take into account the change.
    Yet to update asmodeus's scoring.
    The AI's seem to have a much harder time now that they have to take out Bombs
    Games often result in draws, because the Miners are easy targets and get killed whilst seeking out Bombs.
    The AI should probably defend certain pieces with stronger piece combinations nearby. But this is all getting rather complex for a "sample" :P
    TODO: Implement victory condition when opponent has no mobile pieces
    	(Currently play continues until the player with mobile pieces ends up attacking Bombs because it has nothing else to do
    		at which point the game is a draw because neither player has mobile pieces)