1. 08 Dec, 2011 2 commits
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      Changed the directory structure. · e3b15cd5
      Sam Moore authored
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      Fixed segfault in manager program · 7f7bc054
      Sam Moore authored
      Caused by the Program base class attempting to write EOF to programs
      which had already exited. This caused a SIGPIPE signal.
      The SIGPIPE handler function Game::HandleBrokenPipe then attempted to log the
      event by calling Game::theGame->logMessage
      However, since the program was exiting, DestroyGame had been called
      and Game::theGame was in the process of being deleted.
      Fixed by removing the fputc(output, EOF) line in Program::~Program.
      It is ironic that this only became an issue since I modified the sample
      AI to actually obey the protocol and exit as soon as "QUIT" is recieved...
  2. 07 Dec, 2011 1 commit
  3. 03 Dec, 2011 1 commit
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      More adding of pointless crap to manager · b563784f
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      -f option to allow replaying of games output to files with -o
      -m option to enforce max number of turns (default 5000) before a DRAW is called
      -p to print a colourful representation of the board to stdout
      Yes. I now have both graphics AND pretty coloured terminal escape codes.
      Why did I do this??????????????
  4. 30 Nov, 2011 1 commit
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      Modified Turn Response Protocol, added handling for SIGPIPE, changed placeholder images · 2ab27eb6
      Sam Moore authored
      The "outcome" of a move is now listed as:
      Where ATTACKER_RANK and DEFENDER_RANK will be present if TYPE is one of: KILLS, DIES, BOTHDIE, and indicate the ranks of the pieces involved.
      This involved adding a class MovementResult, which stores the ranks of pieces in addition to an enum, replacing the enum Board::MovementResult
      The sample agent "forfax" was causing broken pipes, which caused the manager program to exit.
      I added a handler for SIGPIPE in manager/main.cpp to ensure that the manager program reports a DEFAULT victory to the other AI, and exits gracefully.
      However, I still don't know WHY forfax causes broken pipes, but hopefully its a problem with forfax and not with the manager program.
      I edited the images used by the graphical display to show the ordered ranks of the pieces, rather than some obscure characters.
      Unfortunately I have just realised that the enum used for Piece::Type stores ranks in the wrong order.
      In the actual game, LOWER numbers are better, in my enum, HIGHER numbers are better.
      To make things more confusing, I made the printed ATTACKER_RANK and DEFENDER_RANK correspond to the traditional numbering, not the enum numbering...
  5. 29 Nov, 2011 1 commit