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    Messing with log files · 3decbfd6
    Sam Moore authored
    - Fixed storing of whether pieces were revealed or not in log files
      - Just prepend '?' to the hidden types, removed the Piece.types_revealed list
    - Implemented Agent resetting of board state from strings
      - ReplayPlayer will call the Agent.reset_board() function
      - run_agent() looks for lines between "BOARD" and "END BOARD"
      - This API will not be compulsory for entered agents
        - All games will start with the initial board state, it is not required
    - Fixed other stuff with log files
      - Needed to work out whose turn it is when the game continues from a log
      - HttpLog -> ShortLog (since it just writes to a file)
      - To get a log from http, use --file=http://address
        - This works for either ShortLog or LogFile written logs
    	- But if the game hasn't ended there is a bug with the LogFile logs
      - Can now have multiple logs at the same time
    - Hopefully nothing is borked