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    Self inflicted wounds using cx_freeze · 444244d5
    Sam Moore authored
    The pain is freezing me.
    I've been trying to freeze the qchess.py script into a win32 binary, so that windows people don't need to install python.
    Except I've realised that they will probably install python to enter anyway, since it is the easiest language.
    I mostly got cx_freeze to work.
    Fun tip: Unicode strings cause segmentation faults
    So wrote hacky script to save unicode characters to png files, then use png files in frozen versions.
    cx_freeze in linux worked amazingly well.
    For windows... I installed python and cx_freeze in wine... this was probably a mistake,
    because all the dll files were missing. But I found all the dll files, so that's fixed.
    qchess.exe works in wine, but can't load python agent programs... because windows doesn't understand #!
    Well, fuck. Also annoying bug with Tk open file dialog mouse which I cannot be bothered chasing.
    Tried hacky batch file, but it doesn't work in wine. Will try in Windows 7 soon.
    Also changed directory structure somewhat.
    Ironically, using cx_freeze doesn't result in freezing programs!