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    Sam Moore authored
    Now is probably a good time to start using git
    1. Implemented quantum chess as described here:
    	- Except I have "white on the right"
    2. Wrote sample agent "agent_bishop.py" which is already better at the game than I am
    3. Sort of got sidetracked trying to split my original quantum chess python file into multiple files.
            - Difficulties because there are circular dependencies with the graphics / game stuff
            - eg: HumanPlayer needs to know about GraphicsThread to get its move
                    and GraphicsThread needs to know about HumanPlayer to draw stuff and give it a move
    4. Ended up writing a bash script to combine multiple python files into single qchess.py file.
            - It was easier than working out how __init__.py and __main__.py work / do not work
            - "from . import *" doesn't work and apparently is "bad practice" or something
            - Bash scripts are the best practice
            - It will probably backfire horribly. Hence, git
            - Either borrow sigma from [DJA] again, or setup a new progcomp server at UCC
    	- Make website for results / information
    		- Depending upon how adventurous I feel it might be django
    		- Or a .html file created by a bash script
    	- Make judging / scoring system
    		- Need to implement move timeouts for AI players (remember to use select this time)
    	- Organise some sort of event for people to come to
    	- Should probably talk to #committee at some point
    	- Get people interested? Bribe them? Threaten them with account locking if they don't enter?
    		- If I get 4 entrants it will be a doubling in entries since 2010!
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