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    Getting ready to run rounds · a6d91c8b
    Sam Moore authored
    Got sidetracked writing "swarm" to parallelise rounds.
    It's not ready yet, but I wrote run.sh to run a round.
    Which should work even if I never finish swarm.
    It'll just be ridiculously slow.
    Changed structure of agents directory (same as last year).
    Minor changes to qchess. Added yet another wrapper class for replaying logs.
    FileReplayer replaces the standard python file; if a game is still in progress you can use that.
    I noticed the Http log replay was breaking a while ago, but I haven't investigated.
    TODO: - Finish swarm
          - Generate pretty html pages from results
            (but hopefully make the script nicer than last years)
          - Handle errors/illegal moves properly. Enforce the timeouts.
          - Include draws/stalemate
          - events? prizes? profit?
          - BUG FIXING
          - Read TODO lists more often, because I usually just write them and then never read them