1. 27 Mar, 2013 1 commit
  2. 12 Feb, 2013 1 commit
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      Getting ready to run rounds · a6d91c8b
      Sam Moore authored
      Got sidetracked writing "swarm" to parallelise rounds.
      It's not ready yet, but I wrote run.sh to run a round.
      Which should work even if I never finish swarm.
      It'll just be ridiculously slow.
      Changed structure of agents directory (same as last year).
      Minor changes to qchess. Added yet another wrapper class for replaying logs.
      FileReplayer replaces the standard python file; if a game is still in progress you can use that.
      I noticed the Http log replay was breaking a while ago, but I haven't investigated.
      TODO: - Finish swarm
            - Generate pretty html pages from results
              (but hopefully make the script nicer than last years)
            - Handle errors/illegal moves properly. Enforce the timeouts.
            - Include draws/stalemate
            - events? prizes? profit?
            - BUG FIXING
            - Read TODO lists more often, because I usually just write them and then never read them
  3. 31 Jan, 2013 1 commit
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      Messing with log files · 3decbfd6
      Sam Moore authored
      - Fixed storing of whether pieces were revealed or not in log files
        - Just prepend '?' to the hidden types, removed the Piece.types_revealed list
      - Implemented Agent resetting of board state from strings
        - ReplayPlayer will call the Agent.reset_board() function
        - run_agent() looks for lines between "BOARD" and "END BOARD"
        - This API will not be compulsory for entered agents
          - All games will start with the initial board state, it is not required
      - Fixed other stuff with log files
        - Needed to work out whose turn it is when the game continues from a log
        - HttpLog -> ShortLog (since it just writes to a file)
        - To get a log from http, use --file=http://address
          - This works for either ShortLog or LogFile written logs
      	- But if the game hasn't ended there is a bug with the LogFile logs
        - Can now have multiple logs at the same time
      - Hopefully nothing is borked
  4. 30 Jan, 2013 5 commits
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      It works! · a238aa7a
      Sam Moore authored
      Need to tidy things up. Differ between 'short' log and full log. Make HttpGetter work for either.
      "short" log has the entire board state and most recent selection/move.
      "full" log has the original board state and all moves up to the current point.
      I started the "short" log so I could make it easy to watch games played on the server, but I think it might be useful
      for testing now. But I need to work on it first.
      Since short log prints the board state rather than all moves, agents don't know what is going on when short log is read back.
      If I implement an API for that, then people can write their own starting game states.
      Also need to indicate whether pieces are revealed or not in their string, and interpret correctly in reading the short logs
      Or not...
      perhaps this is getting too complicated?
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      There's probably a better way of doing this... · 337c794f
      Sam Moore authored
      Get log to show last selection and movement
      So that the "client" doesn't get confused if it misses a selection/move
      Client has to rebuild the board every time, yuck
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      Try again · 0325af7e
      Sam Moore authored
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      Make sure the board reflects the state BEFORE the move is made · 6857a85b
      Sam Moore authored
      Probably going to get a lot of really small commits for a while...
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      Feature creep in log files · 5e4b175a
      Sam Moore authored
      I want to be able to watch a game that's playing on the server!
      Without having to actually use sockets and shit!
      I've used enough sockets already!