Commit bf5def24 authored by Felix von Perger's avatar Felix von Perger Committed by root
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fix card payments

parent b9f345c5
......@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ from memberdb.models import Membership, MEMBERSHIP_TYPES
from .models import MembershipPayment, CardPayment
from . import payments
from .payments import try_capture_payment
from .payments import try_capture_payment, log
from .dispense import get_item_price
class PaymentFormMixin:
......@@ -94,9 +94,11 @@ class MembershipPaymentView(MemberAccessMixin, PaymentFormMixin, DetailView):
except Membership.DoesNotExist as e:
# no unpaid membership found, return
log.warning("could not find unpaid membership with id %s" % self.kwargs['pk'])
return None
except MembershipPayment.DoesNotExist as e:
# found an unpaid membership, but no payment record exists yet"creating membership payment for membership id %s" % self.kwargs['pk'])
return create_membership_payment(ms)
return payment
......@@ -126,10 +128,10 @@ class MembershipPaymentView(MemberAccessMixin, PaymentFormMixin, DetailView):
def create_membership_payment(membership, commit=True):
""" creates a MembershipPayment object for the given membership """
# get the amount from dispense
price = get_item_price(membership.membership_type)
price = get_item_price(membership.get_dispense_item())
if (price is None or price == 0):
return None
desc = MEMBERSHIP_TYPES[membership.membership_type]['desc']
desc = membership.get_pretty_type()
payment = MembershipPayment(description=desc, amount=price, membership=membership)
if (commit):
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