Commit e61590d5 authored by Mark Tearle's avatar Mark Tearle
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Note best dispense git repo to work against

parent 49a40124
......@@ -15,7 +15,11 @@ Content : Documentation repository explaining all the things
Name : Opendispense2
URL : git://
URL :;a=summary
Content : John Hodge's rewrite of dispense
Status : github is preferred source to develop against, [TPG] will
accept pull requests. [TPG] manually pushes to
Name : BlinkenLights
......@@ -90,11 +94,6 @@ URL :
Status : Not in use?
Content : Web API for dispense
Name : opendispense2.git
URL : git://
URL :;a=summary
Status : Out of sync with github. Older, assume no longer HEAD
Content : John Hodge's rewrite of dispense
Name : jabberdoor
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