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Refactor get_all_role_reaction_message (quicker)

parent 962b963a
use crate::config::{CONFIG, ReactRoleMap};
use crate::config::{ReactRoleMap, CONFIG};
use crate::util::{get_react_from_string, get_string_from_react};
use serenity::{
......@@ -174,28 +174,28 @@ pub fn sync_all_role_reactions(ctx: Context) {
info!("Role reaction sync complete");
fn get_all_role_reaction_message(
ctx: &Context,
) -> Vec<(
&'static ReactRoleMap,
)> {
fn get_all_role_reaction_message(ctx: &Context) -> Vec<(Message, &'static ReactRoleMap)> {
let guild = ctx.http.get_guild(CONFIG.server_id).unwrap();
info!(" Find role-react message: guild determined");
let channels = ctx.http.get_channels(*guild.id.as_u64()).unwrap();
info!(" Find role-react message: channels determined");
.flat_map(|channel| {
let ctxx = ctx.clone();
// since we don't know which channels the messages are in, we check every combination of message and
// channel and ignore the bad matches using .ok() and .filter_map()
CONFIG.react_role_messages.iter().filter_map(move |rrm| {
.get_message(*channel.id.as_u64(), *rrm.message.as_u64())
.map(|m| (m, &rrm.mapping))
let mut channel_search_indices: Vec<_> = (0..channels.len()).collect();
let mut results: Vec<(Message, &'static ReactRoleMap)> = Vec::new();
for react_role in CONFIG.react_role_messages.iter() {
for channel_index in &channel_search_indices {
if let Ok(msg) = ctx.http.get_message(
) {
results.push((msg, &react_role.mapping));
// move channel with message to front of index vector
let channel_index_clone = channel_index.to_owned();
channel_search_indices.retain(|&i| i != channel_index_clone);
channel_search_indices.insert(0, channel_index_clone);
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