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Merge branch 'master' of

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source @ 86657eeb
Subproject commit 9f2d7faf34c16ceaee2f1bffe3d5558c41382523
Subproject commit 86657eeb5a3c6dd2de759b2fc18d1f09a3da2a98
......@@ -58,7 +58,43 @@ TODO:
> Port freetype for nice font support
> Configuration (via lib/server)
- AxWin4
> Resolution Independence
> Alt-Space, x maximise (and other menu options)
- Omnispeak
> Debug speed issues (tracing agian)
> Port to AxWin3
> (DONE) Trace memory corruption
- libc
> Floating point (printf, AND scanf)
- problem - decimal to binary exponent handling
=== MISC ===
- System/integration tests:
> Run qemu with -kernel and init set to a test suite, compare SysDebug output
> Module testing of IP stack in progress.
- Kernel/IP - SCTP Support
- Kernel/IPStack - IPv6 support
> Partial (ICMPv6 ND in progress)
- Cairo port?
- Kernel/Caching - Support procfs flush command?
> Allows updating of the floppy image without reboot
- Common 'NeedsBounceBuffer' function?
- ### Tegra2 - Create small testing driver/kernel for fiddling with graphics (shorter reboot and faster operation)
- Log to partition?
- Discardable initialisation section?
- ACPI Shutdown/reboot
- Module dependencies as a double-nul terminated string in separate section
> Allow reading of dependency list before linking
- KittyOS - Replacement init for Acess that streams pictures from /r/aww
- HFS/HFS+ Driver
- CD/DVD Driver
- PCIe SSD Interface -
- Stack-based physical memory manager (with DMA region for range allocations)
> Integrate physical and virtual MM code such that PMM requests the actual mapping (and can grab the next pointer out)
- mmap(MAP_IMMUTABLE) :: Map pages such that they never change underneath you (isn't this MAP_PRIVATE?)
- Locking for VFS handles - Prevent closing while an operation is outstanding
- Userland threads
- DNS Lookups
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