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......@@ -37,12 +37,17 @@ The Fresher welcome exists to welcome you, a new UCC member, to the club. We wil
Our Introduction to Programming tutorial aims to introduce our new members to both UCC services and to basic level programming which many will find useful throughout University. This is the first part in a weekly series of talks offered by our esteemed, experienced members.
\begin{event}{Hacking Nights}{Weekly at an undisclosed time}{In an undisclosed location}
Hacking nights are run regurlarly throughout the year and are great if you want to work on your own projects.
These nights are not a place to get help with your university work.
Members have been working together on reviving an ARM machine that was designed and built by a member back in 1987, redesigning the backend for UCC's Drink and Snack Machine and building their own operating system.
If you would like to participate, bounce ideas off of other people and get to meet some older members who have helped shape UCC, jump onto IRC (\#ucc) and ask about it.
\begin{event}{Annual General Meeting}{Tuesday, March 10th, 1:00PM}{Guild Council Meeting Room}
The AGM is the meeting at which the new UCC Committee is elected for 2015. The only way to be represented is to attend on the day. As a Fresher, you should attend to either run for or vote for the position of the Fresher Representative, who will be your liaison for the committee. If you don't know where the Guild Council Meeting Room is, arrive at the UCC clubroom a little early to join the mass exodus.
\begin{event}{Easter LAN}{Friday, 10th April, 4:00PM until the morning after}{The Loft (above UCC clubroom)}
UCC runs a number of LANs throughout the year, some with proper organisation, some without. The Easter LAN is the first big LAN of the academic year, taking place over the Easter weekend, the first weekend of mid-semester one study break. We play a number of different games, and of course you can organise your own. LANs are free for all UCC members, but you can bring a friend for around \$5 (though of course you should encourage them to join). Bring your own PCs, or use one of the limited stock in the clubroom.
......@@ -71,11 +76,21 @@ Once a year, all of the clubs in Cameron Hall get together and hold a night of f
%A chance to demonstrate your own tech-y knowledge, or learn from someone else. Previous topics include: ``Introduction to TOR''; and ``The Magic of Data Compression''. %Early on in the semester, a number of tech talks will cover learning to use the club's machines.
\caption{Camptenna - Providing both Life and Internet Access}
\color{black}{\section{FUCC Camp Scholarship}\label{camp_scholarship}}
\noindent \color{black}{\bf Incoming message from James Cox and Lionel Price:}
\noindent \color{black}{For new members to UCC, Lionel and I would like to tell you about our
full-ride scholarship program. We realise that Camp is fairly
expensive, but as once-freshers made good we are financially able to
......@@ -96,6 +111,14 @@ also need to declare in writing that they will participate in at least
one game of DotA during UCC Camp, and that when we play ET you will
not be a noob in the back with a mortar accomplishing nothing all
\zchapter{Common UNIX/Linux Commands}\label{UnixCommands}
\zchapter{Common Linux Commands}\label{UnixCommands}
% Whenever a chapter is started with a figure or table, it forces a blank page?
% -> Add some text
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......@@ -34,6 +34,8 @@
% spacing glue: how to read {12pt plus 4pt minus 2pt}
% 12pt is what we would like the spacing to be
......@@ -136,19 +138,29 @@
\rhead[\bfseries \rightmark]{\bfseries \thepage}
\lhead[\bfseries \leftmark]{\bfseries \thepage}
\lhead{\bfseries \leftmark}
\rhead{\bfseries \thepage}
% \rhead[\bfseries \rightmark]{\bfseries \thepage}
% \lhead[\bfseries \leftmark]{\bfseries \thepage}
% \addtolength{\headwidth}{\marginparsep}
% \addtolength{\headwidth}{\marginparwidth}
% \lhead{\bfseries \leftmark}
% \rhead{\bfseries \thepage}
......@@ -163,6 +175,22 @@
......@@ -180,8 +208,8 @@
% Do we need these for a fresher guide?
......@@ -214,7 +242,8 @@
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