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Dragging itself kicking and screaming into the 21st Century, UCC has managed to set up a social media presence in something called the "cloud".
\item The UCC Facebook Group is located at:
\item The UCC Status Twitter Account (used mainly to tell everyone things are broken): \url{}
\item UCC Facebook Group: \url{}
\item UCC Steam Group: \url{}
\item UCC Status Twitter Account \tiny{(used mainly to tell everyone things are broken)}: \url{}
\item GitHub: \url{}
Do you like Steam? Of course you do! Join UCC's Steam Group: \url{}
\noindent UCC runs its own TF2, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (WolfET) and Minecraft servers.
There are also a range of other games that members enjoy playing in the clubroom. Here is a summary.
Minecraft is a game where you mine blocks and craft things out of them. It is more exciting than it sounds. Within 5 minutes you will be addicted. But you probably already know this.
Our (modded) Minecraft server is at \shell{}. The modpack changes every three to six months, so you will never get bored!
For more instructions, visit \url{}.
Otherwise known as ``Hat Fortress 2``. The TF2 server is located at \shell{}.
WolfET is an old game but is still incredibly popular at LANs.
DoTa is a game that involves a lot of clicking and people yelling about 'Q's and 'W's and 'alties'. Apparently it's fun. UCC doesn't run its own server but it is the most popular game in the clubroom. Unless that's LoL. I can't tell the difference.
LoL is a game similar to DoTa but not the same because it is different.
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