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\item Tech Talks
If you want to get the most out of UCC, come visit us in our clubroom. It is open pretty much all the time.
If you want to keep up to date with whats happening at UCC, you can join our mailing lists or our facebook group.
The UCC Clubroom has been the focal centre of the club for years.
With numerous clubroom desktops, machine room and our famous Coke and Snack Machines it provides everything you could want on a typical university day.
Recently, some new chairs, keyboards and mice have been purchased to improve equipment and an Oculus Rift bought for all members to try out, just ask a door member.
Founded in 1974, the UCC is one of the oldest student run computer clubs in the world, even older than the Computer Science Department here at UWA.
To celebrate, we are hosting a 40th Anniversary Dinner in September where members old and new will gather to learn and reminisce over our rich history.
History which no doubt will be dug up again throughout the year.
So make sure you come to the clubroom, set up your account and enhance your university experience at UCC.
Mitchell Pomery [BG3]
UCC President 2014
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