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The clubroom is usually open from about 9am until 11pm (staying later than this requires \emph{a good reason} and giving notice to UWA security). It is also sometimes open on weekends, and most days during university holidays. There is a map to the clubroom in Chapter \ref{FindClubroom}. If you want to check the clubroom is open and who is there, check out \url{}
The clubroom has a heap of desktop computers, a server room, a projects area with tool cupboard, and assorted storage areas for parts, books and components. These things are all there for members to use --- the locks on everything are to keep thieves out, so please don't be put off, and just ask if you need to get into something.
We don't have cleaners, so look after the clubroom! There is always a door group member in the room, \rant{and you will do what they damn well tell you to do as they are the ones who have to come to cleanups in their free time.} Of course, if you see something that needs doing such as cleaning up, feel free to do it!
\chapter{Communication Technologies}\label{Communications}
% Add Social Media?
Address: <\href{mailto:#[email protected]}{#[email protected]}>
Subscribe: \small{\url{}}
\section{Social Media}
Dragging itself kicking and screaming into the 21st Century, UCC has managed to set up a social media presence in something called the "cloud".
\item UCC Facebook Group: \\ \noindent \url{}
\item UCC Steam Group: \url{}
\item UCC Status Twitter Account: \url{}
\item GitHub: \url{}
\section{Mailing Lists}
UCC often uses email for communication. There are various lists that you can sign up for at \url{}. The most popular lists are \texttt{[email protected]} for announcements and \texttt{[email protected]} for general discussion.
If you are interested in technology, join the \texttt{[email protected]} list. If you want to be kept up to date with management of the club, join \texttt{[email protected]}.
Without a doubt, the easiest way to waste time in or out of UCC
is chatting on our Internet Relay Chat (IRC) server.
You'll get to chat with some of the older members of the club who
may not even be in Perth. Some of these old guard may seem a
little grumpy or intimidating at first, but give them a chance, they
are gold mines for information about the club and all things tech!
We also have members from CASSA and ComSSA, clubs at other WA unis.
You can connect with an IRC client to \texttt{irc://}
and join the channel \texttt{\#ucc}, or with a web browser go to
\caption{What normally happens when a Fresher joins IRC}
IRC produces some incredible quotes. You can see these at \url{}.
I didn't say they were wise or funny, just incredible.
\zchapter{Dispense 101}
% How to use Dispense.
At the same time as you set up your account, you will also have your dispense account set up. Dispense is the program that allows users to store credit and purchase items from the coke/snack machines. Coke members can help you add credit to your dispense account. Call out for one in the clubroom if need be, there's always one around.
The easiest way to dispense a drink is probably the web interface at \url{}. Simply enter your username and password and then select a drink.
Due to technical reasons, snacks cannot be dispensed using this interface. Getting a snack will involve typing a 5 digit User ID and a 4 digit PIN into the keypad. This allows you to dispense both drinks and snacks.
You can also use your Student Card or SmartRider as a log in device on the snack machine. To do so, log in to the Snack Machine and hold whichever card you want to use up to the card scanner (it's the thing with the blinking green light) and the card should auto- enroll. To log in using the card, simply hold the enrolled card up to the card scanner.
You can also access Dispense using the \shell{dispense} command. Dispense isn't installed on clubroom machines so you will have to use \shell{SSH} to access one of UCC's servers.
\caption{Coke Machine}
UCC runs a lot of events. You should go to them! Dates and times may change.
% Event with title and date
When: #2
Where: #3
% Simpler (no boxes)
\noindent {\bf When:} #2 \\
{\bf Where:} #3
% By [XON]
\begin{event}{Fresher Welcome}{Friday, February 28th, 5:00PM}{Cameron Hall Loft (above the UCC clubroom)}
The Fresher welcome exists to welcome you, a new UCC member, to the club. There will be a number of current members there to talk with and get to know, and all of your questions about the club and how to use it will be answered. As a bonus, all first time members get {\bf FREE pizza}.
\begin{event}{Annual General Meeting}{Tuesday, March 11th, 1:00PM}{Guild Council Meeting Room}
The AGM is the meeting at which the new UCC committee is elected for 2014. The only way to be represented is to attend on the day. As a Fresher, you should attend to either run for or vote for the position of the Fresher Representative, who will be your liaison for the committee. If you don't know where the Guild Council Meeting Room is, arrive at the UCC clubroom a little early to join the mass exodus.
\begin{event}{Easter LAN}{Easter Weekend, 3:00PM until the morning after}{The Loft (above UCC Clubroom)}
UCC runs a number of LANs throughout the year, some with proper organisation, some without. The Easter LAN is the first big LAN of the academic year, taking place over the Easter weekend, the first weekend of mid-Semester one study break. We play a number of different games, and of course you can organise your own. LANs are free for all UCC members, but you can bring a friend for around \$5 (though of course you should encourage them to join). Bring your own PCs, or use one of the limited stock in the clubroom.
\begin{event}{LANs}{Throughout the Year, From Dusk til Dawn}{The Loft (above UCC Clubroom)}
The UCC hosts a number of more LANs throughout the year. As above, the Easter LAN is the first big one. Expect other LANs during the semester and breaks.
\begin{event}{Cameron Hall Quiz Night}{First Semester, probably in May, Evening}{UWA Tavern}
Bringing together the various clubs of Cameron Hall, the quiz night is the only proper time to use your smarts throughout your degree. (18+ Event).
\begin{event}{Camp}{18th to 21st July}{Lake Leshenaultia}
The UCC goes camping! Without tents. There is a dormitory. During the winter break, UCC will host a camp at Camp Leschenaultia. This is a chance to get your computer out of the house for a few days, tinkering and playing games with a whole bunch of other members. Don't worry, you won't be without precious internet. (18+ Event).
\begin{event}{40th Anniversary Dinner}{Saturday, September 13th, 7.00 PM til late(r)}{South Perth Yacht Club}
The big non-tech event of the year, the 40th Anniversary dinner is an opportunity for new members to meet the old blood of UCC, the ones that are still kicking on. Taking place in the lovely South of Perth Yacht Club, this fully catered dinner will be a good celebration of 40 years of computing. Expect entry prices to be around \$60 to \$80.
\begin{event}{Cameron Hall Charity Vigil}{Semester 2 - mid-semester study break - Overnight}{Cameron Hall}
Once a year, all of the clubs in Cameron Hall get together and hold a night of fun and games to raise money for charity. While the details of the night are still to come, the UCC will probably host a LAN. There will be an entry fee for this event, but expect it to be fully worth it.
\begin{event}{Tech Talks}{Throughout the Year, as Interest Demands}{UCC Clubroom and/or the Loft}
A chance to demonstrate your own tech-y knowledge, or learn from someone else. Previous topics include: ``Introduction to TOR''; and ``The Magic of Data Compression''. Early on in the semester, a number of tech talks will cover learning to use the club's machines.
\color{black}{\section{FUCC Camp Scholarship}\label{camp_scholarship}}
\noindent \color{black}{\bf Incoming message from James Cox and Lionel Price:}
\noindent \color{black}{For new members to UCC, Lionel and I would like to tell you about our
full-ride scholarship program. We realise that Camp is fairly
expensive, but as once-freshers made good we are financially able to
provide unto others. Previous recipients of these scholarships have
gone onto great things so we are proud to offer it once more in 2014.
I would encourage everyone who is interested to take advantage of this
offer - I had a great time my first UCC Camp which is part of the
reason why I now offer this scholarship.
Two first-time UCC Campers will have their entry fee paid for by us.
As before, you will also obtain the privilege, if you should so wish,
to add a pink \textcolor{black}{F} to your UCC tags, denoting sophistication, intellect,
and exclusive membership of an elite group of teamkilling imbeciles.
To be eligible for this award, you must be a UWA student, member of
UCC, and to not have attended a previous UCC Camp. Applicants will
also need to declare in writing that they will participate in at least
one game of DotA during UCC Camp, and that when we play ET you will
not be a noob in the back with a mortar accomplishing nothing all
\caption{ET Logo. Don't be a noob.}
% \centering
% \includegraphics[width=0.8\textwidth]{figures/tux_boat.png}
% \caption{Tux enjoys Lake Leshenaultia at UCC::Camp \\ (Please note: There will not actually be watersports at the camp)}
% \label{tux_boat.png}
\zchapter{Finding the Clubroom}\label{FindClubroom}
% Directions to the clubroom, ideally with non terrible maps. Most people don't ever find it :-(
\caption{Second Floor of Cameron Hall}
\caption{The Guild Village. Cameron Hall $=$ The Tav}
% Superflous!
\item Starting from the carpark outside The Tav, follow the arrow on the aerial picture to get to the Cameron Hall door, then go up the stairs to the second floor and follow the bottom map.
\item If you see a coke machine and a snack machine, you are in the right place. The UCC clubroom has lots of computers and a couple of couches.
\item If you accidentally find yourself surrounded by books and a fridge, you're in UniSFA --- try the other door in that corridor.
You can see if the clubroom is open online at \url{}
More detailed instructions are at \url{}.
[Name of member or committee]
University Computer Club
Box 22, M300
The University of Western Australia
35 Stirling Highway
The UCC has a telephone: {\bf (08) 6488 3901}. From overseas, add your international access code to {\bf +61 8 6488 3901}. No fax.
\caption{This is what the clubroom looks like}
Do you like Steam? Of course you do! Join UCC's Steam Group: \url{}
\noindent UCC runs its own TF2, WolfET and Minecraft servers.
There's also a range of other games that members enjoy playing in the clubroom.
Minecraft is a game where you mine blocks and craft things out of them. It is more exciting than it sounds - within 5 minutes you will be addicted.
Our (modded) Minecraft server is at \shell{}. The modpack changes every three to six months, so you will never get bored!
For more instructions, visit \url{}. You can also find maps of the world there. \figref{minecraft_pigmap.png}.
\caption{Part of the UCC Minecraft world}
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, (or just ET) is an old game but is still incredibly popular at LANs. There is a scholarship \seeref{camp_scholarship} available for the camp which requires playing ET. The ET server is at \server{}.
Team Fortress 2, also known as Hat Fortress 2. The TF2 server is located at \shell{}.
\caption{The ultimate goal of TF2 is to aquire these}
DoTa is a game that involves a lot of clicking and people yelling about 'Q's and 'W's and 'alties'. Apparently it's fun. UCC doesn't run its own server but it is the most popular game in the clubroom. Unless that's LoL. I can't tell the difference.
LoL is a game similar to DoTa but not the same because it is different.
% Whenever a chapter is started with a figure or table, it forces a blank page?
% -> Add some text
what is this i don't even
\rowcolor{black} \color{white}{Term} & \color{white}{Translation} \\
Dr ACC Murphy &
A Computer Called Murphy. Dr ACC Murphy is infamous around the UCC. He even receives mail! \\
Berkeley Systems Distribution -- a UNIX developed at Berkeley, now better known through the FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD UNIXes. \server{musdea} runs FreeBSD. \\
blog &
aka. weblog -- sort of like a journal on the Internet (you don't have one?). Think of it as a tumblr for grown-ups. Syndicated by a Planet. \\
Coke credit &
If you gotta ask, you ain't got it! Coke credit is how people usually refer to money in your dispense account. \\
Coke Group &
The people who can put money (Coke credit) in your dispense account. \\
Debian &
a Linux distribution popular in the UCC due to its community nature. \\
DEC Terminal &
A dumb serial terminal, useful for plugging into the serial console on servers (possibly via a terminal server). Has a model number like vt100 or vt420. There's one in the corridor you can log into \server{mussel} and dispense drinks from. \\
dispense &
dispense started off as a way to dispense Cokes from the online Coke machine, and has since grown into the way UCCans think the world should do business. \\
Door Group &
the group of people charged with keep the room open, tidy and safe. \\
Firefox &
A web browser by the Mozilla Foundation, arguably the second-worst Internet browser -- the worst is every other browser. \\
Flame &
Flame is the UCC's MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) and may or may not be haunted. \\
Fresher &
A new university student, usually also a first time UCC member. \\
Fresher Rep &
Fresher Committee member, usually chosen because they look like they'll make a good worker drone in the future. Represents the freshers at committee meetings, if they attend. \\
%GNU Networked Object Model Environment -- an open source desktop environment aimed primarily at UNIX computers. Quite popular in the past, before it removed all of the features people liked. \\
GNU is Not Unix -- a layer of libraries and utilities to implement a UNIX like operating system, commonly used on top of Linux. \\
\rowcolor{black} \color{white}{Term} & \color{white}{Translation} \\
Internet Explorer &
Just use Firefox. No, really. \\
The lifeblood of UCCan communication. Internet Relay Chat lets you share news, stories and terrible puns with other members worldwide. \\
%KDE &
%The K Desktop Environment. A rival of GNOME which some members prefer. Contains a frankly scary number of features, and a memory footprint to match. \\
kernel &
The core of an operating system. All operating systems have a kernel, some popular ones include the Linux kernel and the Mach kernel. \\
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol: the black magic used for authentication at the UCC. \\
Linux &
the kernel (basis) of an open source UNIX operating system that has developed quite a following among computer scientists and engineers. \\
loft &
the area above the UCC that looks down into the UCC clubroom. LAN gaming and other activities take place up there. \\
machine room &
The UCC data centre. This is the small room with the glass doors that is located within the clubroom. All of our servers are kept in this room. It is locked when there is no one from Wheel around. \\
mailing list &
a way of communicating with a very large number of people via email. The UCC has several mailing lists of varying popularity. \\
Mozilla &
develop several open source web related products, such as Firefox and Thunderbird. \\
Ordinary Committee Member -- the worker drones of the UCC Committee, they do lots of work, for little reward. \\
Oligoboot &
boots more then one operating system (selectable when you boot). These all end up booted into Windows. \\
OpenSolaris &
A UNIX developed by Sun Microsystems, and abandoned by Oracle. \\
%NeXTStep &
%An operating system developed by NeXT before they were bought out by Apple. Lots of NeXTStep is incorporated into Mac OS X. \\
open source &
A software ideology, where the source code to software (what is compiled into the program you run) is freely available. Also known as Free Software, exactly what makes a program open source is a good way to get into an argument. \\
\rowcolor{black} \color{white}{Term} & \color{white}{Translation} \\
Planet &
A web page that syndicates blogs. UCC has one at \url{} \\
Secret Wheel Song &
The song that is supposedly sung at the beginning of each Wheel meeting. \\ % Elitism alert... (It's tradition!)
A Service Level Agreement. A document describing how reliable services are. UCC does not have one. \\
terminal server &
Sort of a router for serial ports, allows you to connect to one serial port from another. Usually connected to DEC Terminals, servers and dispense. (It can also refer to other sorts of servers which provide login sessions over the network). \\
theft book &
this is where you write down that you borrowed tools from UCC. It is not for borrowing books; you mail \href{mailto:[email protected]}{[email protected]} to do that. \\
Three Letter Acronym -- a way to refer to UCC members, often used in the minutes of meetings. Use the tla program or visit the UCC website to decode them. \\
Ubuntu &
A Linux distribution derived from Debian. Funded with space money. \\
UCCan &
someone who spends a lot of time in the UCC. Some UCCans pass their units. \\
Unifi &
The University wireless network. Available around campus where UCC's wireless is not. You need to be a student to access it though. \\
UniSFA &
the University Science Fiction Association, the ones down the hall. ``UCC and UniSFA, a twisted pair'' \\
VM &
A VM or Virtual Machine is a computer emulated on top of another computer. Many of the UCC's servers run inside VMs. The claim is that UCC's VMs are not a ``single point of failure.'' That's the machine they are all running on: \server{medico}. \\
WA Internet eXchange -- a group of ISPs and interested bodies who peer resources on the Internet for mutual benefit. \\
Wheel Group &
the group responsible for maintaining computers, accounts and services in UCC. \\
% Explanation of the groups.
\newenvironment{uccgroup}[1] {
\section{\textsc{\href{mailto:#[email protected]}{#[email protected]}}}
% Is this section a little elitist sounding, or is that just the entire group system? [SZM]
The UCC committee delegates specific duties and responsibilities to other people in the club. These groups, traditionally modelled after UNIX groups, are referred to often.
You can see who's in each group online. Alternatively, if you're looking for a member of a certain group, shouting out "is there anyone here in group?" will sometimes get you an answer.
Membership of these groups entails a certain amount of trust. It is generally accepted that you will nominate yourself to the group once you feel you meet the requirements. Alternately, someone from the group may nominate you.
The requirements for applying for a group can be found by determined searching at \url{}.
% Don't really need to brand wheel like a cabal to new members. I mean, it is, but they don't need to know that for at least a few weeks.
%Members join Wheel by invite only, and will be asked to attend a Wheel Meeting, where they too will be taught the Secret Wheel Song.
%Do not despair if you're not made a Wheel member immediately. Sticking around and showing an interest through contribution is more important than just having the skills.
The Committee is appointed each year by the members (that's you) at the AGM. They handle the day-to-day running of the club, managing money, events and holding grumpy meetings each week, which members like yourself are welcome to attend.
The Fresher Rep is your voice on the Committee. Get to know them and let them know how incredibly happy you are! If you have problems, they'll always be ready to listen.
Fresher Rep: <\href{mailto:[email protected]}{[email protected]}>
The Door group is responsible for the clubroom itself. Only a member of door group can unlock the clubroom and keep it open for members during the day. This means that if the only Door group member in the room has to leave, then everyone will have to leave until another Door group member arrives.
Wheel is in charge of maintaining the club's machines. They are the best people to see if you're having problems with the computers. Wheel maintains its own membership, but works hand in hand with Committee on issues relating to account policy. If you abuse your account, it will be locked by a Wheel member. The unlocking of accounts is at the discretion of Committee. Wheel have infrequent meetings, where they sing the secret wheel song. % THIS DOESN'T ACTUALLY HAPPEN
The Coke group are the people to talk to if you want to add money to your dispense account (see the section on dispense). They can also credit your account for bad dispenses and other tasks related to dispense.
% Not even worth mentioning, really, it is all just wheel
The Webmasters are charged with maintaining the UCC web presence. Becoming a Webmaster usually involves showing some interest in the UCC website. It shouldn't be too hard to get on this group.
Please. Someone save us from the horror of doctype graham.
The Winadmins group was created to give trusted members administrator access to the Windows desktop machines in the clubroom. Sprocket is the equivelant group for Linux desktop machines.
Sprocket/Winadmin is normally given on an adhoc basis to door members when they start to complain at wheel about things broken (``Someone should fix it you say? Excellent suggestion!'').
The committee might make a policy in 2014 I don't know.
% <person>'s welcome
% \begin{mdframed}[backgroundcolor=white]
\color{black}{\section{#1's Welcome}}
\color{black}{\noindent \bf Incoming message from #2 <\href{mailto:#[email protected]}{#[email protected]}>:}
\begin{welcome}{President}{Samuel Shenton}{samuel}
\noindent Welcome to the UCC and our 40th Anniversary Fresher Guide!
UCC has always been a social club for students interested in computers who want to meet new friends, work on projects or play games during breaks.
No technical experience is necessary to join up but if you do want to learn more and get involved with computers be sure to attend our many Tech Talks and Hacking Nights announced on our primary mailing list [email protected]
We also host a bunch of social events throughout the year such as LANs, the Quiz Night, our Annual Camp in July and Charity Vigil.
Be sure to attend the Fresher's Welcome and Annual General Meeting to get the best introduction to the club and run for Fresher Rep, a great first step to becoming involved in the UCC Committee.
The UCC Clubroom has been the focal centre of the club for years.
With numerous clubroom desktops, machine room and our famous Coke and Snack Machines it provides everything you could want on a typical university day.
Recently, some new chairs, keyboards and mice have been purchased to improve equipment and an Oculus Rift bought for all members to try out, just ask a door member.
Founded in 1974, the UCC is one of the oldest student run computer clubs in the world, even older than the Computer Science Department here at UWA.
To celebrate, we are hosting a 40th Anniversary Dinner in September where members old and new will gather to learn and reminisce over our rich history.
History which no doubt will be dug up again throughout the year.
So make sure you come to the clubroom, set up your account and enhance your university experience at UCC.
Samuel Shenton [SAS]
UCC President 2013
%\begin{welcome}{Zanchey}{David Adam}{zanchey}
%There is no escape! Don't make me destroy you. Fresher, you do not yet realize your importance. You've only begun to discover your power! Join me, and I will complete your training! With our combined strength, we can end this destructive conflict, and bring order to the galaxy.
%Join us, and together we can rule the galaxy, as wheel and fresher. Come with me! It is the only way!
This is where each "chapter" goes.