Commit 66dd6972 authored by Andrew Gozzard's avatar Andrew Gozzard Committed by root

Initial Commit

00:01 <@Gozz> matches: Sometime when I can be bothered I might shove /services/dispensewebapi/ on github
00:01 <@Gozz> you are welcome to do it if you like
00:01 < matches> Consider it BOTHERED
from flask import Flask, request, Response
from flask.ext.restful import Resource, Api, reqparse
from functools import wraps
import re, ldap, syslog, socket
app = Flask(__name__)
api = Api(app)
authparser = reqparse.RequestParser()
authparser.add_argument('username', type=str)
authparser.add_argument('password', type=str)
def requires_auth(f):
def decorated(*args, **kwargs):
auth = request.authorization
if not auth:
authargs = authparser.parse_args()
username = authargs['username']
password = authargs['password']
if username is None or password is None:
return Response('{"status": "error", "errmsg": "Authentication failed"}', 401,
{'Content-Type': 'application/json', 'WWW-Authenticate': 'Basic'})
username = auth.username
password = auth.password
username = username.lower()
expr = re.compile('^[-\w]+$')
if not expr.match(username):
return {'status': 'error', 'errmsg': 'Authentication failed: Invalid username'}
dn = 'uid=%s,ou=People,dc=ucc,dc=gu,dc=uwa,dc=edu,dc=au' % username
l = ldap.initialize('ldap://')
l.simple_bind_s(dn, password)
log = 'Authentication failure for user ' + username + ' from ' + request.remote_addr + '\n'
syslog.syslog((syslog.LOG_NOTICE | syslog.LOG_AUTH), log)
return {'status': 'error', 'errmsg': 'Authetication failed: Username or password is incorrect'}
kwargs['username'] = username
return f(*args, **kwargs)
return decorated
DISP_SERVER = ('',11020)
def dispcmd(commands):
output = []
if not isinstance(commands, list): commands = [commands]
s = socket.socket()
f = s.makefile()
for command in commands:
if command[-1] != '\n': command += '\n'
for command in commands:
cmd = command.split()[0]
if output[-1].startswith('4') or output[-1].startswith('5'):
raise ValueError(output[-1])
if output[-1].startswith('201'):
lines = int(output[-1].split()[-1])
while not output[-1][0:3].startswith('200') and lines >= 0:
lines -= 1
return output
class users(Resource):
def get(self, username=None):
if username is None:
output = dispcmd('ENUM_USERS')
expr = re.compile('^[-\w]+$')
if not expr.match(username):
return {'status': 'error', 'errmsg': 'Invalid username'}
output = dispcmd('USER_INFO ' + username)
except ValueError,e:
return {'status': 'error', 'errnum': int(str(e).split()[0]), 'errmsg': str(e)}
users = {}
for line in output:
if not line.startswith('202 User'): continue
line = line.split()
uname = line[2]
balance = int(line[3])
flags = {}
for flag in ['user', 'coke', 'admin', 'internal', 'disabled', 'door']:
if flag in line[-1].split(','): flags[flag] = True
else: flags[flag] = False
users[uname] = {'balance': balance, 'flags': flags}
return {'status': 'success', 'users': users}
api.add_resource(users, '/users', '/users/<string:username>')
class query(Resource):
def get(self, itemtype=None, slot=None):
items = {}
if itemtype is None or itemtype == 'door':
items['door'] = {0: {'name': 'door', 'price': 0, 'available': True}}
if itemtype != 'door':
if slot is None: lines = dispcmd('ENUM_ITEMS')
else: lines = dispcmd('ITEM_INFO ' + itemtype + ':' + str(slot))
except ValueError,e:
return {'status': 'error', 'errnum': int(str(e).split()[0]), 'errmsg': str(e)}
for line in lines:
if not line.startswith('202 Item'): continue
line = line.split()
lname = ' '.join(line[5:])
ltype = line[2].split(':')[0]
lslot = int(line[2].split(':')[1])
lavail = line[3] == 'avail'
if itemtype is not None and ltype != itemtype: continue
if ltype not in items: items[ltype] = {}
items[ltype][lslot] = {'name': lname, 'price': int(line[4]), 'available': lavail}
if itemtype is not None and itemtype not in items: return {'status': 'error', 'errmsg': 'Unknown item type'}
return {'status': 'success', 'items': items}
api.add_resource(query, '/items', '/items/<string:itemtype>', '/items/<string:itemtype>/<int:slot>')
class dispense(Resource):
def post(self, itemtype, slot, **kwargs):
username = kwargs['username']
commands = [ 'AUTHIDENT',
'SETEUSER ' + username,
'DISPENSE ' + itemtype + ':' + str(slot) ]
output = dispcmd(commands)
except ValueError,e:
return {'status': 'error', 'errnum': int(str(e).split()[0]), 'errmsg': str(e)}
return {'status': 'success'}
api.add_resource(dispense, '/items/<string:itemtype>/<int:slot>/dispense')
import sys
from dispensewebapi import app as application
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