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Added a python sample agent

- Learnt python (again).
- Asmodeus just makes random moves like "dummy", except written in python.
- Python programs need to be started with the -u switch to be unbuffered. Easier than expected.

TODO (still)
- Setup vm
	Involves kvm on motsugo? or qemu? kvm is faster, but otherwise are they the same thing? kvm's man page even calls it "qemu" (!?)
- Come up with long term scoring and agent handling protocol
	I have a few ideas about this. But I need the vm setup to test most of the stuff properly.
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#!/usr/bin/python -u
#NOTE: The -u option is required for unbuffered stdin/stdout.
# If stdin/stdout are buffered, the manager program will not recieve any messages and assume that the agent has timed out.
''' - A sample Stratego AI for the UCC Programming Competition 2012
Written in python, the slithery language
author Sam Moore (matches) [SZM]
email [email protected] or [email protected]
import sys
import random
ranks = ('B','1','2','3','4','5','6','7','8','9','s','F', '?', '+')
def move(x, y, direction):
if direction == "UP":
return (x,y-1)
elif direction == "DOWN":
return (x,y+1)
elif direction == "LEFT":
return (x-1, y)
elif direction == "RIGHT":
return (x+1, y)
print "Error in move!"
return (x,y)
def oppositeColour(colour):
if colour == "RED":
return "BLUE"
elif colour == "BLUE":
return "RED"
return "NONE"
class Piece:
def __init__(self, colour, rank, x, y):
self.colour = colour
self.rank = rank
self.x = x
self.y = y
class Asmodeus:
def __init__(self):
#sys.stderr.write("Asmodeus __init__ here...\n");
self.turn = 0
self.board = []
self.units = []
if self.Setup():
while self.MakeMove():
def Setup(self):
#sys.stderr.write("Asmodeus Setup here...\n");
setup = sys.stdin.readline().split(' ')
self.colour = setup[0]
self.opponentName = setup[1]
self.width = int(setup[2])
self.height = int(setup[3])
for x in range(0, self.width):
for y in range(0, self.height):
if self.colour == "RED":
print "FB8sB479B8\nBB31555583\n6724898974\n967B669999"
elif self.colour == "BLUE":
print "967B669999\n6724898974\nBB31555583\nFB8sB479B8"
return True
def MoveCycle(self):
#sys.stderr.write("Asmodeus MakeMove here...\n");
if self.InterpretResult() == False or self.ReadBoard() == False or self.MakeMove() == False:
return False
self.turn += 1
return self.InterpretResult()
def MakeMove(self):
#TODO: Over-ride this function in base classes with more complex move behaviour
#sys.stderr.write("Asmodeus MakeRandomMove here...\n")
while True:
if len(self.units) <= 0:
return False
piece = random.choice(self.units)
if piece == None:
if piece.rank == '?' or piece.rank == 'B' or piece.rank == 'F':
direction = random.choice(("UP", "DOWN", "LEFT", "RIGHT"))
p = move(piece.x, piece.y, direction)
if p[0] >= 0 and p[0] < self.width and p[1] >= 0 and p[1] < self.height:
if self.board[p[0]][p[1]] == None or self.board[p[0]][p[1]].colour == oppositeColour(self.colour):
print str(piece.x) + " " + str(piece.y) + " " + direction
return True
def ReadBoard(self):
#sys.stderr.write("Asmodeus ReadBoard here...\n");
for y in range(0,self.height):
row = sys.stdin.readline()
for x in range(0,len(row)-1):
if self.turn == 0:
if row[x] == '.':
elif row[x] == '#':
self.board[x][y] = Piece(oppositeColour(self.colour), '?',x,y)
elif row[x] == '+':
self.board[x][y] = Piece("NONE", '+', x, y)
self.board[x][y] = Piece(self.colour, row[x],x,y)
return True
def InterpretResult(self):
#sys.stderr.write("Asmodeus InterpretResult here...\n")
result = sys.stdin.readline().split(' ')
#sys.stderr.write(" Read status line \"" + str(result) + "\"\n")
if self.turn == 0:
return True
x = int(result[0].strip())
y = int(result[1].strip())
#sys.stderr.write(" Board position " + str(x) + " " + str(y) + " is OK!\n")
direction = result[2].strip()
outcome = result[3].strip()
p = move(x,y,direction)
if outcome == "OK":
self.board[p[0]][p[1]] = self.board[x][y]
self.board[x][y].x = p[0]
self.board[x][y].y = p[1]
self.board[x][y] = None
elif outcome == "KILLS":
if self.board[p[0]][p[1]] == None:
return False
if self.board[p[0]][p[1]].colour == self.colour:
self.board[x][y].x = p[0]
self.board[x][y].y = p[1]
self.board[p[0]][p[1]] = self.board[x][y]
self.board[x][y].rank = result[4]
self.board[x][y] = None
elif outcome == "DIES":
if self.board[p[0]][p[1]] == None:
return False
if self.board[x][y].colour == self.colour:
self.board[p[0]][p[1]].rank = result[5]
self.board[x][y] = None
elif outcome == "BOTHDIE":
if self.board[p[0]][p[1]] == None:
return False
if self.board[x][y].colour == self.colour:
if self.board[p[0]][p[1]].colour == self.colour:
self.board[p[0]][p[1]] = None
self.board[x][y] = None
elif outcome == "FLAG":
#sys.stderr.write(" Game over!\n")
return False
elif outcome == "ILLEGAL":
#sys.stderr.write(" Illegal move!\n")
return False
#sys.stderr.write(" Don't understand outcome \"" + outcome + "\"!\n");
return False
#sys.stderr.write(" Completed interpreting move!\n");
return True
def debugPrintBoard(self):
for y in range(0, self.height):
for x in range(0, self.width):
if self.board[x][y] == None:
asmodeus = Asmodeus()
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