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Added README for organisers

Thats just me. But I might suffer an attack of amnesia, you never know!
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This file is meant to be a README for competition organisers, rather than contestants.
Contestants should read the web pages in directory "web" instead. [SZM]
=== Changing things and git.ucc ===
The central repository is
Do not alter files locally on Mufasa (progcomp VM) as it does not have push access
Files should be altered elsewhere, then pushed to git.ucc, then pulled to Mufasa.
For push access to the git.ucc repository, email [email protected]
Contestent's submissions should NOT be added to git (at least until the competition is finished).
=== Running the competition ===
As root:
su judge
=== Results ===
Results are automatically generated by and appear in web/results
To clear all results and logs, run:
cd judge/simulator
make clean
To make results accessable, the apache server on Mufasa needs to be running.
Assuming everything is still set up correctly in DNS and ucc-fw, the results will be at:
=== Submissions ===
Submissions are by email. Do not add submissions to git.
1. Check the submission has nothing nasty in it
2. Create a sub-directory in agents with the name of the submission
3. Move the source to that directory.
4. Build the source if necessary
5. Add a file "info" in the directory, with the following structure:
path relative to sub-directory to AI executable
author of the AI
Please do not allow paths such as "../../" etc - but that is common sense!
=== TODO ===
Add a user for each submission for extra security
Web upload?
[SZM] (matches) 22/12/2012
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