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    Sam Moore authored
    - Fixed .dll files that were the wrong ones for cx_freeze win32
    - Created "internal" agents, and made AgentBishop one of them
    - Implemented terrible wrapper class that runs an internal agent in a seperate python process
      - This is for when timeouts are used
      - select == better than threads
      - TimeoutPlayer appears to not work properly anyway
    - Tested win32 version (script and frozen binary)
      - ExternalAgent seems to break
      - TimeoutPlayer seems to break (even more than normal)
      - Pretty much everything breaks actually
        - More things seem to break with the frozen binary than with the script
        - Amazingly the pygame interface doesn't break, just the fancy threading/subprocess/socket/file related stuff
      - Somehow, the InternalAgents, ie: AgentBishop were working
      - So windows users can play the python sample agents, but otherwise the program is pretty useless
    - Implemented the --log and --file arguments
      - Get an error if the game hasn't actually finished when using --file, should probably fix
        - It might be cool to let people use --file for a set number of moves, and then continue play from that position
          - Would need more work...
    - When graphics are disabled, the game still works
      - But I need to test it on a server that doesn't have pygame at all
    TODO: Finish the qchess program and actually work on setting up the competition.