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rdiff-manager: first iteration

parent fed30891
#! /usr/bin/python3
# rdiff-manager - a tool to run more than one rdiff-backup process concurrently
# and report their output in one hit
configs_path = '/backups/conf'
backups_base = '/backups'
# number of jobs to run concurrently (0 for all)
concurrent_num = 0
duration_to_keep = '4W'
from multiprocessing import Pool
import subprocess, os, glob
run_rdiff = lambda *args: subprocess.check_output(('/usr/bin/rdiff-backup',) + args, stderr=subprocess.STDOUT).decode('utf-8')
class Host(object):
def __init__(self, config):
self.hostname = config['hostname']
self.duration_to_keep = config['duration_to_keep']
self.run_backup_flags = config ['backup_flags']
self.destination = config['backup_destination']
self.include_file = config['include_file']
def test_server(self):
return run_rdiff('--test-server', '[email protected]%s::/' % self.hostname)
def test_directory(self):
except OSError as e:
if os.access(self.destination, os.F_OK):
raise e
def remove_old(self):
return run_rdiff('--remove-older-than', self.duration_to_keep, self.destination)
def run_backup(self):
return run_rdiff(*(self.run_backup_flags.split(' ') + [ '--include-globbing-filelist',
self.include_file, '[email protected]%s::/' % (self.hostname), self.destination ] ) )
def run_all(self):
result = ''
# only add output if error occurs
# always print output
result += self.remove_old()
result += self.run_backup()
except subprocess.CalledProcessError as e:
result += e.output.decode('utf-8')
result += 'Backup failed with error %d' % e.returncode
except OSError as e:
result += 'Backup failed: %s (%d)' % (e.strerror, e.errno)
return result
def rdiff_backup(config):
target = Host(config)
return target.run_all()
if __name__ == '__main__':
config_files = glob.iglob(configs_path + '/*.conf')
filenames = (os.path.basename(x) for x in config_files)
hostnames = (x.replace('.conf', '') for x in filenames)
hosts = []
# TODO: add hosts in a sensible order
# e.g. alternating slowest & fastest
for host in hostnames:
hosts.append( { 'hostname': host,
'include_file': '%s/%s.conf' % (configs_path, host),
'duration_to_keep': duration_to_keep,
'backup_flags': '--print-statistics --ssh-no-compression --exclude-sockets --exclude-device-files --exclude-fifos',
'backup_destination': '%s/%s' % (backups_base, host),
} )
if concurrent_num == 0:
concurrent_num = len(hosts)
pool = Pool(concurrent_num)
results = [ (host, pool.apply_async(rdiff_backup, (host, )) ) for host in hosts ]
for host, r in results:
print("Backup results for", host['hostname'])
print('-' * 40)
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