Commit 1c95e4a2 authored by frekk's avatar frekk
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add more filters to membership and member admin list pages

parent dab37d8a
......@@ -110,9 +110,9 @@ class MembershipAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
Define the admin page for viewing normal Member records (all details included) and approving them
list_display = ['membership_info', 'membership_type', 'payment_method', 'approved', 'date_submitted', 'member_actions', ]
list_display = ['membership_info', 'membership_type', 'payment_method', 'approved', 'date_submitted', 'member_actions']
list_display_links = None
list_filter = ['approved']
list_filter = ['approved', 'payment_method', 'membership_type', 'member__is_student', 'member__is_guild']
readonly_fields = ['date_submitted']
radio_fields = {'payment_method': admin.VERTICAL, 'membership_type': admin.VERTICAL}
actions = [refresh_dispense_payment]
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