Commit 8bf82864 authored by frekk's avatar frekk
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add testing for cokelog stuff

parent 8a064a04
from django.test import TestCase from django.test import TestCase
from django.conf import settings
from datetime import datetime
# Create your tests here. from .cokelog import CokeLog
class ParseCokeLog(TestCase):
def test_parse_cokelog(self):
fn = getattr(settings, 'COKELOG_PATH', None)
if fn is None:
cokelog = CokeLog()
self.assertIsInstance(cokelog.dispenses, dict)
for key, val in cokelog.dispenses.items():
self.assertIsInstance(val, (list, tuple))
for record in val:
self.assertIsInstance(record, dict)
self.assertTrue('by' in record)
self.assertTrue('item' in record)
self.assertIsInstance(record['date'], datetime)
n = len(cokelog.dispenses)
self.assertTrue(n == len(cokelog.dispenses))
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