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Update README to reflect new repository home

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This is the Openvend project
(slightly borken) Scans of the vending machine circuit diagrams
are available at:
The authoritative repository for UCC Vendserver is:
Mailing list at [email protected]
Good book on CVS available at:
See also:;a=summary
CVSROOT is /home/other/openvend/cvs
This repository holds the C code for the new ROM for the UCC Snack Machine.
Sat Nov 29 11:09:14 AWST 2014
Mark Tearle <[email protected]>
This repository is now deprecated for futher commits.
The repository has moved to:
See also:;a=summary
Saturday 29 November 10:47:49 AWST 2014
Mark Tearle <[email protected]>
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