Commit 6c3a2a22 authored by Mark Tearle's avatar Mark Tearle
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BUGFIX: Fix greeting that was confusing Vendserver and response to ECHO

parent 0ed65af6
......@@ -131,7 +131,7 @@ class VirtualSnackApp(npyscreen.NPSAppManaged):
self.received = "Client (%s, %s) connected" % addr
self.do_send("# Virtual Snack\n")
self.do_send("000 Virtual Snack is alive \n")
#Some incoming message from a client
......@@ -269,10 +269,15 @@ Mark Tearle, October 2014
def do_pong(self):
self.do_send("000 PONG!\n")
def do_echo(self):
self.do_send("000 Not implemented\n")
def handle_command(self, command):
command = string.upper(command)
if string.find(command, "HELP",0) == 0:
elif string.find(command, "ECHO",0) == 0:
elif string.find(command, "ABOUT",0) == 0:
elif string.find(command, "PING",0) == 0:
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