Commit bbe2cdf6 authored by Mitchell Pomery's avatar Mitchell Pomery Committed by Mark Tearle
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Added mini display. Currenlty does nothing

parent e008d0f9
......@@ -135,6 +135,8 @@ class VirtualSnack(npyscreen.Form):
self.add(npyscreen.FixedText, value="???", editable=False, relx=47, rely=16)
self.add(npyscreen.FixedText, value="???", editable=False, relx=72, rely=16)
self.textdisplaymini = self.add(npyscreen.FixedText, value="??????", editable=False, relx=71, rely=5)
self.textdisplaymini.important = True
# Ctrl + Q exits the application
self.add_handlers({"^Q": self.exit_application})
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