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This Solution is composed of 4 distinct projects. The Server and FastClient
projects each have Makefiles that can be used to build the respective projects.
**NOTE**: Only the report/ and server/ directories are for assessment, all other
documents are supplementary.
Compiled output can be found in the root directory of each project.
This project contains the actual server to be assessed.
It is written in `C11` and requires GNU extensions to compile.
A makefile is included to build the project. It will only
build an run on Linux systems.
This is a sample multithreaded client written in `C++11` that is
extended mode compatible. It is **not intended for assessment** and
is provided simply to demonstrate the extended features of the server.
Another client, **not intended for assessment**, this time written in Python.
it is flexible and allows a user to form custom hardcoded test scenario's,
however it is not very efficient and struggles to support more that 100
clients on a moderately powerful machine.
This is the project Report and its respective source code.
The report is provided precompiled, however should you wish to build it
yourself, `Xelatex` or `LuaTex` must be used.
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