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- 2013.60, update CHANGES

- Add CVE references to CHANGES
parent 920120d0
2013.60 - Wednesday 16 October 2013
- Fix "make install" so that it doesn't always install to /bin and /sbin
- Fix "make install MULTI=1", installing manpages failed
- Fix "make install" when scp is included since it has no manpage
- Make --disable-bundled-libtom work
2013.59 - Friday 4 October 2013
- Fix crash from -J command
......@@ -14,10 +24,10 @@
- Limit the size of decompressed payloads, avoids memory exhaustion denial
of service
Thanks to Logan Lamb for reporting and investigating it
Thanks to Logan Lamb for reporting and investigating it. CVE-2013-4421
- Avoid disclosing existence of valid users through inconsistent delays
Thanks to Logan Lamb for reporting
Thanks to Logan Lamb for reporting. CVE-2013-4434
- Update config.guess and config.sub for newer architectures
......@@ -318,7 +328,7 @@
- Security: dbclient previously would prompt to confirm a
mismatching hostkey but wouldn't warn loudly. It will now
exit upon a mismatch.
exit upon a mismatch. CVE-2007-1099
- Compile fixes, make sure that all variable definitions are at the start
of a scope.
......@@ -380,7 +390,7 @@
(thanks to Tomas Vanek for helping track it down)
- Implement per-IP pre-authentication connection limits
(after some poking from Pablo Fernandez)
(after some poking from Pablo Fernandez) CVE-2006-1206
- Exit gracefully if trying to connect to as SSH v1 server
(reported by Rushi Lala)
......@@ -401,7 +411,7 @@
- SECURITY: fix for buffer allocation error in server code, could potentially
allow authenticated users to gain elevated privileges. All multi-user systems
running the server should upgrade (or apply the patch available on the
Dropbear webpage).
Dropbear webpage). CVE-2005-4178
- Fix channel handling code so that redirecting to /dev/null doesn't use
100% CPU.
......@@ -608,7 +618,7 @@
- SECURITY: Don't try to free() uninitialised variables in DSS verification
code. Thanks to Arne Bernin for pointing out this bug. This is possibly
exploitable, all users with DSS and pubkey-auth compiled in are advised to
upgrade. CVE-2004-2486
- Clean up agent forwarding socket files correctly, patch from Gerrit Pape.
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
#define DROPBEAR_VERSION "2013.59"
#define DROPBEAR_VERSION "2013.60"
#define LOCAL_IDENT "SSH-2.0-dropbear_" DROPBEAR_VERSION
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