Commit 52b6ae0d authored by Matt Johnston's avatar Matt Johnston
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Don't remove ~ files on make clean (and find -type was wrong anyway)

branch : libtommath
extra : convert_revision : 38ad9968c111d9364b88e0098afc3e8e794e67e3
parent 6ab9858d
......@@ -152,7 +152,7 @@ pretty:
rm -f *.bat *.pdf *.o *.a *.obj *.lib *.exe *.dll etclib/*.o demo/demo.o test ltmtest mpitest mtest/mtest mtest/mtest.exe \
*.idx *.toc *.log *.aux *.dvi *.lof *.ind *.ilg *.ps *.log *.s mpi.c *.da *.dyn *.dpi tommath.tex `find -type f | grep [~] | xargs` *.lo *.la
*.idx *.toc *.log *.aux *.dvi *.lof *.ind *.ilg *.ps *.log *.s mpi.c *.da *.dyn *.dpi tommath.tex *.lo *.la
rm -rf .libs
cd etc && make clean
cd pics && make clean
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