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It happened to sony

extra : convert_revision : c2d5690ca9ed85c7d75dd9cc2c150de50503aa3b
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......@@ -128,7 +128,8 @@ much traffic. */
/* Define DSS_PROTOK to use PuTTY's method of generating the value k for dss,
* rather than just from the random byte source. Undefining this will save you
* ~4k in binary size with static uclibc, but your DSS hostkey could be exposed
* if the random number source isn't good. In general this isn't required */
* if the random number source isn't good. It happened to Sony.
* On systems with a decent random source this isn't required. */
/* #define DSS_PROTOK */
/* Control the memory/performance/compression tradeoff for zlib.
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