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CHANGES for 2014.63

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2014.63 - Wednesday 19 February 2014
- Fix ~. to terminate a client interactive session after waking a laptop
from sleep.
- Changed port separator syntax again, now using host^port. This is because
IPv6 link-local addresses use %. Reported by Gui Iribarren
- Avoid constantly relinking dropbearmulti target, fix "make install"
for multi target, thanks to Mike Frysinger
- Avoid getting stuck in a loop writing huge key files, reported by Bruno
- Don't link dropbearkey or dropbearconvert to libz or libutil,
thanks to Nicolas Boos
- Fix linking -lcrypt on systems without /usr/lib, thanks to Nicolas Boos
- Avoid crash on exit due to cleaned up keys before last packets are sent,
debugged by Ronald Wahl
- Fix a race condition in rekeying where Dropbear would exit if it received a
still-in-flight packet after initiating rekeying. Reported by Oliver Metz.
This is a longstanding bug but is triggered more easily since 2013.57
- Fix README for ecdsa keys, from Caralin Patulea
- Ensure that generated RSA keys are always exactly the length
requested. Previously Dropbear always generated N+16 or N+15 bit keys.
Thanks to Unit 193
- Fix DROPBEAR_CLI_IMMEDIATE_AUTH mode which saves a network round trip if the
first public key succeeds. Still not enabled by default, needs more
compatibility testing with other implementations.
- Fix for port 0 forwarding in the client and port forwarding with Apache MINA SSHD. Thanks to
- Fix for bad system linux/pkt-sched.h header file with older Linux
kernels, from Steve Dover
- Fix signal handlers so that errno is saved, thanks to Erik Ahlén for a patch
and Mark Wickham for independently spotting the same problem.
2013.62 - Tuesday 3 December 2013
- Disable "interactive" QoS connection options when a connection doesn't
......@@ -222,6 +222,12 @@ much traffic. */
* return the password on standard output */
/* Save a network roundtrip by sendng a real auth request immediately after
* sending a query for the available methods. It is at the expense of < 100
* bytes of extra network traffic. This is not yet enabled by default since it
* could cause problems with non-compliant servers */
/* Source for randomness. This must be able to provide hundreds of bytes per SSH
* connection without blocking. In addition /dev/random is used for seeding
* rsa/dss key generation */
......@@ -176,11 +176,6 @@
accept for keyb-interactive
auth */
/* Send a real auth request immediately after sending a query for the available methods.
* It saves a network round trip at login.
* If problems are encountered it can be disabled here. */
#if defined(DROPBEAR_AES256) || defined(DROPBEAR_AES128)
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