Commit 6d93048f authored by Matt Johnston's avatar Matt Johnston

Added changelog entry

extra : convert_revision : d9e9d844478aff8411b696c6c3b752e6da1cfc90
parent 5f07d1c5
0.44test1 - Sun Aug 16 2004 17:43:54 +0800
- TESTING RELEASE - this is the first public release of the client codebase,
so there are sure to be bugs to be found. In addition, if you're just using
the server portion, the final binary size probably will increase - I'll
be trying to get it back down in future releases.
- Dropbear client added - lots of changes to the server code as well to
generalise things
- IPv6 support added for client, server, and forwarding
- New makefile with more generic support for multiple-program binaries
0.43 - Fri Jul 16 2004 17:44:54 +0800
- SECURITY: Don't try to free() uninitialised variables in DSS verification
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