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do the symlinks for multi-binary compiles

extra : convert_revision : 1a0ab43c58435f03b261ef322d24fbb5c91e8abd
parent eb1f647c
......@@ -3,11 +3,10 @@
# invocation:
# make PROGRAMS="dropbear dbclient scp" MULTI=1 STATIC=1 SCPPROGRESS=1
# to make a single multiple statically linked binary "staticdropbearmulti",
# which includes dropbear, scp and dbclient functionality, and includes the
# progress-bar functionality in scp. Hopefully that seems intuitive.
# This makefile is quite evil.
# to make a multiple-program statically linked binary "staticdropbearmulti".
# This example will include dropbear, scp, dropbearkey, dropbearconvert, and
# dbclient functionality, and includes the progress-bar functionality in scp.
# Hopefully that seems intuitive.
PROGRAMS=dropbear dbclient dropbearkey dropbearconvert
......@@ -20,7 +19,7 @@ COMMONOBJS=dbutil.o buffer.o \
dss.o bignum.o \
signkey.o rsa.o random.o \
queue.o \
atomicio.o compat.o
atomicio.o compat.o fake-rfc2553.o
SVROBJS=svr-kex.o svr-algo.o svr-auth.o sshpty.o \
svr-authpasswd.o svr-authpubkey.o svr-session.o svr-service.o \
......@@ -34,7 +33,7 @@ CLIOBJS=cli-algo.o cli-main.o cli-auth.o cli-authpasswd.o cli-kex.o \
CLISVROBJS=common-session.o packet.o common-algo.o common-kex.o \
common-channel.o common-chansession.o termcodes.o loginrec.o \
tcp-accept.o listener.o process-packet.o \
common-runopts.o fake-rfc2553.o
KEYOBJS=dropbearkey.o gendss.o genrsa.o
......@@ -115,25 +114,36 @@ all: $(TARGETS)
strip: $(TARGETS)
$(STRIP) $(addsuffix $(EXEEXT), $(addprefix $(SPREFIX), $(TARGETS)))
install: $(addprefix install, $(TARGETS))
install: $(addprefix inst, $(TARGETS))
installdropbearmulti: insdbmulti $(addprefix insmulti, $(PROGRAMS))
insdbmulti: dropbearmulti
$(INSTALL) -d -m 755 $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)
$(INSTALL) -m 755 $(SPREFIX)dropbearmulti$(EXEEXT) $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)
-chown root $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/$(SPREFIX)dropbearmulti$(EXEEXT)
-chgrp 0 $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/$(SPREFIX)dropbearmulti$(EXEEXT)
insmultidropbear: dropbearmulti
-rm -f $(DESTDIR)$(sbindir)/$(SPREFIX)dropbear$(EXEEXT)
-ln -s $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/$(SPREFIX)dropbearmulti$(EXEEXT) $(DESTDIR)$(sbindir)/$(SPREFIX)dropbear$(EXEEXT)
insmulti%: dropbearmulti
-rm -f $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/$(SPREFIX)$*$(EXEEXT)
-ln -s $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/$(SPREFIX)dropbearmulti$(EXEEXT) $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/$(SPREFIX)$*$(EXEEXT)
# dropbear should go in sbin, so it needs a seperate rule
installdropbear: dropbear
instdropbear: dropbear
$(INSTALL) -d -m 755 $(DESTDIR)$(sbindir)
$(INSTALL) -m 755 $(SPREFIX)dropbear$(EXEEXT) $(DESTDIR)$(sbindir)
-chown root $(DESTDIR)$(sbindir)/$(SPREFIX)dropbear$(EXEEXT)
-chgrp 0 $(DESTDIR)$(sbindir)/$(SPREFIX)dropbear$(EXEEXT)
install%: $*
inst%: $*
$(INSTALL) -d -m 755 $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)
$(INSTALL) -m 755 $(SPREFIX)$*$(EXEEXT) $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)
-chown root $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/$(SPREFIX)$*$(EXEEXT)
-chgrp 0 $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/$(SPREFIX)$*$(EXEEXT)
ifeq ($(MULTI), 1)
@echo "You must manually create links for $*"
# for some reason the rule further down doesn't like $([email protected]) as a prereq.
......@@ -158,11 +168,16 @@ ifeq ($(MULTI),1)
dropbearmulti: $(HEADERS) $(MULTIOBJS) $(LTC) $(LTM) Makefile
$(LD) $(LDFLAGS) -o $(SPREFIX)[email protected]$(EXEEXT) $(MULTIOBJS) $(LIBS)
@echo "You should now create symlinks to the programs you have included"
@echo "ie 'ln -s dropbearmulti dropbear'"
dropbearmulti: multilink
multibinary: $(HEADERS) $(MULTIOBJS) $(LTC) $(LTM) Makefile
$(LD) $(LDFLAGS) -o $(SPREFIX)dropbearmulti$(EXEEXT) $(MULTIOBJS) $(LIBS)
multilink: multibinary $(addprefix link, $(PROGRAMS))
-rm -f $(SPREFIX)$*$(EXEEXT)
-ln -s $(SPREFIX)dropbearmulti$(EXEEXT) $(SPREFIX)$*$(EXEEXT)
$(LTC): options.h
cd libtomcrypt && $(MAKE) clean && $(MAKE)
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