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changes for 2014.64

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2014.64 pending
- Fix compiling with ECDSA and DSS disabled
- Don't exit abruptly if too many outgoing packets are queued for writev(). Patch
thanks to Ronny Meeus
- The -K keepalive option now behaves more like OpenSSH's "ServerAliveInterval".
If no response is received after 3 keepalives then the session is terminated. This
will close connections faster than waiting for a TCP timeout.
- Rework TCP priority setting. New settings are
if (connecting || ptys || x11) tos = LOWDELAY
else if (tcp_forwards) tos = 0
else tos = BULK
Thanks to Catalin Patulea for the suggestion.
- Improve handling of many concurrent new TCP forwarded connections, should now
be able to handle as many as MAX_CHANNELS. Thanks to Eduardo Silva for reporting
and investigating it.
- Make sure that exit messages from the client are printed, regression in 2013.57
- Use monotonic clock where available, timeouts won't be affected by system time
2014.63 - Wednesday 19 February 2014
- Fix ~. to terminate a client interactive session after waking a laptop
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