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2015.69 - 25 November 2015
- Fix crash when forwarded TCP connections fail to connect (bug introduced in 2015.68)
- Avoid hang on session close when multiple sessions are started, affects Qt Creator
Patch from Andrzej Szombierski
- Reduce per-channel memory consumption in common case, increase default
channel limit from 100 to 1000 which should improve SOCKS forwarding for modern
- Handle multiple command line arguments in a single flag, thanks to Guilhem Moulin
- Manpage improvements from Guilhem Moulin
- Build fixes for Android from Mike Frysinger
- Don't display the MOTD when an explicit command is run from Guilhem Moulin
- Check curve25519 shared secret isn't zero
2015.68 - Saturday 8 August 2015
- Reduce local data copying for improved efficiency. Measured 30%
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