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couple more changelog items

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with networks and systems.
- Forwarded TCP ports connect asynchronously and retry with other available
addresses (IPv4 or IPv6, round robin IPs)
addresses (IPv4 versus IPv6, round robin IPs)
- Free memory before exiting, patch from Thorsten Horstmann. Useful for
Dropbear ports to embedded systems and for checking memory leaks
......@@ -22,10 +22,17 @@
- Fix small ECC memory leaks
- Tighten validation of Diffie-Hellman parameters, from Florent Daigniere of
Matt Consulting. Odds of bad values are around 2**-512 -- improbable.
Matta Consulting. Odds of bad values are around 2**-512 -- improbable.
- Twofish-ctr cipher is supported though disabled by default
- Fix pre-authentication timeout when waiting for client SSH-2.0 banner, thanks
to CL Ouyang
- Increase maximum command size to 9000 bytes
- DROPBEAR_DEFAULT_CLI_AUTHKEY setting now always prepends home directory unless
there is a leading slash (~ isn't treated specially)
2015.67 - Wednesday 28 January 2015
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