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improve subsystem/sftp documentation, and multi-hop manual formatting

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......@@ -63,7 +63,7 @@ static void printhelp() {
"-N Don't run a remote command\n"
"-f Run in background after auth\n"
"-y Always accept remote host key if unknown\n"
"-s Request a subsystem (use for sftp)\n"
"-s Request a subsystem (use by external sftp)\n"
"-i <identityfile> (multiple allowed)\n"
......@@ -117,7 +117,11 @@ Specify a comma separated list of ciphers to enable. Use \fI-c help\fR to list p
.B \-m \fIMAClist
Specify a comma separated list of authentication MACs to enable. Use \fI-m help\fR to list possibilities.
.B \-s
The specified command will be requested as a subsystem, used for sftp. Dropbear doesn't implement sftp itself but the OpenSSH sftp client can be used eg \fIsftp -S dbclient [email protected]\fR
Dropbear will also allow multiple "hops" to be specified, separated by commas. In
this case a connection will be made to the first host, then a TCP forwarded
connection will be made through that to the second host, and so on. Hosts other than
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