Commit b639e18d authored by Matt Johnston's avatar Matt Johnston
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- Turn DROPBEAR_SMALL_CODE off by default

extra : convert_revision : ef3b41f37e9f4dd45358bc40f9559ee23f71c284
parent 2b54d339
......@@ -46,9 +46,10 @@
/*#define NO_FAST_EXPTMOD*/
/* Set this if you want to use the DROPBEAR_SMALL_CODE option. This can save
several kB in binary size, however will make the symmetrical ciphers (AES, DES
etc) slower (perhaps by 50%). Recommended for most small systems. */
several kB in binary size however will make the symmetrical ciphers and hashes
slower, perhaps by 50%. Recommended for small systems that aren't doing
much traffic. */
/* Enable X11 Forwarding - server only */
#define ENABLE_X11FWD
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