Commit d2062758 authored by Matt Johnston's avatar Matt Johnston
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Hopefully fix -lcrypt problem

extra : convert_revision : 94d41df148dba424a62b442aebdb5cf0db11449a
parent 2bcb60fe
......@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ COMMONOBJS=dbutil.o buffer.o \
queue.o \
atomicio.o compat.o fake-rfc2553.o
SVROBJS=@[email protected] svr-kex.o svr-algo.o svr-auth.o sshpty.o \
SVROBJS=svr-kex.o svr-algo.o svr-auth.o sshpty.o \
svr-authpasswd.o svr-authpubkey.o svr-authpubkeyoptions.o svr-session.o svr-service.o \
svr-chansession.o svr-runopts.o svr-agentfwd.o svr-main.o svr-x11fwd.o\
svr-tcpfwd.o svr-authpam.o
......@@ -56,7 +56,7 @@ HEADERS=options.h dbutil.h session.h packet.h algo.h ssh.h buffer.h kex.h \
loginrec.h atomicio.h x11fwd.h agentfwd.h tcpfwd.h compat.h \
listener.h fake-rfc2553.h
dropbearobjs=$(COMMONOBJS) $(CLISVROBJS) $(SVROBJS) @[email protected]
dropbearkeyobjs=$(COMMONOBJS) $(KEYOBJS)
dropbearconvertobjs=$(COMMONOBJS) $(CONVERTOBJS)
......@@ -167,7 +167,7 @@ scp: $(SCPOBJS) $(HEADERS) Makefile
# multi-binary compilation.
ifeq ($(MULTI),1)
MULTIOBJS=dbmulti.o $(sort $(foreach prog, $(PROGRAMS), $($(prog)objs)))
MULTIOBJS=dbmulti.o $(sort $(foreach prog, $(PROGRAMS), $($(prog)objs))) @[email protected]
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