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changes for 2017.75

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2017.75 - 18 May 2017
- Security: Fix double-free in server TCP listener cleanup
A double-free in the server could be triggered by an authenticated user if
dropbear is running with -a (Allow connections to forwarded ports from any host)
This could potentially allow arbitrary code execution as root by an authenticated user.
Affects versions 2013.56 to 2016.74. Thanks to Mark Shepard for reporting the crash.
- Security: Fix information disclosure with ~/.ssh/authorized_keys symlink.
Dropbear parsed authorized_keys as root, even if it were a symlink. The fix
is to switch to user permissions when opening authorized_keys
A user could symlink their ~/.ssh/authorized_keys to a root-owned file they
couldn't normally read. If they managed to get that file to contain valid
authorized_keys with command= options it might be possible to read other
contents of that file.
This information disclosure is to an already authenticated user.
Thanks to Jann Horn of Google Project Zero for reporting this.
- Call fsync() to ensure that new hostkeys (dropbear -R) are flushed to disk
Thanks to Andrei Gherzan for a patch
- Fix out of tree builds with bundled libtom
Thanks to Henrik Nordström and Peter Krefting for patches.
2016.74 - 21 July 2016
- Security: Message printout was vulnerable to format string injection.
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