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Try without identifying current user

Small change that warns the user if the current user cannot be identified rather than aborting.  This came in handy when I put dropbear on a dlink that did not have a true user environment.  Falling back on the "-l" option and [email protected] options works just fine as a client.  The only implication I found is that the -J option will fail ungracefully without a known own_user.
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......@@ -684,7 +684,7 @@ static void fill_own_user() {
pw = getpwuid(uid);
if (pw == NULL || pw->pw_name == NULL) {
dropbear_exit("Unknown own user");
dropbear_log(LOG_INFO, "Warning: failed to identify current user. Trying anyway.");
cli_opts.own_user = m_strdup(pw->pw_name);
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