Commit ecd85052 authored by Matt Johnston's avatar Matt Johnston
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Disable twofish-ctr by default, add config option

parent 1fa1c3f9
......@@ -144,12 +144,15 @@ algo_type sshciphers[] = {
#ifdef DROPBEAR_AES256
{"aes256-ctr", 0, &dropbear_aes256, 1, &dropbear_mode_ctr},
/* twofish ctr is conditional as it hasn't been tested for interoperability, see options.h */
{"twofish256-ctr", 0, &dropbear_twofish256, 1, &dropbear_mode_ctr},
{"twofish128-ctr", 0, &dropbear_twofish128, 1, &dropbear_mode_ctr},
......@@ -103,10 +103,15 @@ much traffic. */
/* Enable "Counter Mode" for ciphers. This is more secure than normal
* CBC mode against certain attacks. This adds around 1kB to binary
* size and is recommended for most cases */
* CBC mode against certain attacks. It is recommended for security
* and forwards compatibility */
/* Twofish counter mode is disabled by default because it
has not been tested for interoperability with other SSH implementations.
If you test it please contact the Dropbear author */
/* You can compile with no encryption if you want. In some circumstances
* this could be safe security-wise, though make sure you know what
* you're doing. Anyone can see everything that goes over the wire, so
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