Commit b7548e5e authored by tec's avatar tec
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No empty motions

parent b52907ba
......@@ -57,7 +57,16 @@ impl EventHandler for Handler {
let mut iter = msg.content.chars();
let topic = iter.as_str();
create_motion(&ctx, &msg, topic);
if topic == "" {
if let Err(why) = msg.channel_id.say(
"If there's something you want to motion, put it after the !move keyword",
) {
println!("Error sending message: {:?}", why);
} else {
create_motion(&ctx, &msg, topic);
} else if msg.content.starts_with("!motion") {
if let Err(why) = msg.channel_id.say(&ctx.http, "I hope you're not having a motion. You may have wanted to !move something instead.") {
println!("Error sending message: {:?}", why);
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