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## Reaction Roles
_Involves: File r/w + parsing, discord reactions_
So, for reaction roles, afaict this is what needs to be done
- Migrate config.rs to something like `config.toml`
- Complete `reaction_roles.rs`
- Load from config (roles, and the rr msg, if they exist)
- Code up the `!rr init` command
- Monitor reactions, update user roles etc.
- On updated to `config.toml` (and on bot load, now that I think of it) overwrite the rr msg with content based on roles in config
- **Bonus:** add command like `!rr add :emoji: role name`
## LDAP Integration
_Involves: LDAP r/w, email,discord nicknames+roles_
- Add a `discord_ID` or similar field to the LDAP database
- Add a `!link <ucc-username>` command, which
- Created a verification token
- Perhaps just hash discordID+username with hardcoded salt (is this bad?)
- Sends an email with a verification token (and instruction to `!register`)
- Goes back to discord and run `!register <token>`
- Add a `!register <token>` command
- Do hash, compare, if same update LDAP database
- Either add `registered` role or remove `unregistered`
- End result, unable to change nickname
- Set nickname to something like `<tla> (<first-name>)`
- Add a `!unlink` command
- Remove LDAP entry
- Make able to change nickname again
- **Bonus:** be able to specify nickname format for registered users in `config.toml`, and add way to update
## Fun with accounts
- `!dispense <item name>`
- Dispense the item
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