Commit 2ec9d3ba authored by John Hodge's avatar John Hodge
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Usermode - Fix travis-ci compilaion

parent 6b21624a
......@@ -105,6 +105,7 @@ $(OBJDIR)loader/bin/src/main.o: $(LOADER_DEPS)
xargo: $(OBJDIR)rustrt0.o $(LIBDIR) $(LIBDIR)libloader_start.a # Referenced by link-$(TARGET).ld
$(XARGO) build $(XARGO_FLAGS) --manifest-path loader/bin/Cargo.toml
xargo: $(patsubst %,../externals/,cmdline_words_parser stack_dst utf16_literal va_list)
$(LIBDIR)libloader_start.a: $(OBJDIR)loader/bin/
@mkdir -p $(dir [email protected])
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