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Save more space, fix Communications

- Don't need tableofcontents
- Don't need snark about twitter (also \tiny{} broke things)
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Dragging itself kicking and screaming into the 21st Century, UCC has managed to set up a social media presence in something called the "cloud".
\item UCC Facebook Group: \url{}
\item UCC Facebook Group: \\ \noindent \url{}
\item UCC Steam Group: \url{}
\item UCC Status Twitter Account \tiny{(used mainly to tell everyone things are broken)}: \url{}
\item UCC Status Twitter Account: \url{}
\item GitHub: \url{}
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% Do we need these for a fresher guide?
\emph{"Interroga de Consensum Gradu Servitium nostra"}
%\emph{"Interroga de Consensum Gradu Servitium nostra"}
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