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<h2> irc channel </h2>
<p> There is a #progcomp irc channel on the ucc irc server ( where you can ask questions or help with setting things up. </p>
<h2> Programming Competition VM </h2>
<p> I am in the process of learning how to set up a VM for this competition. Please be patient. </p>
<h1> Stratego </h1>
<p> <a href=""/>This site</a> explains what Stratego is. </p>
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<p> <b> Another Warning:</b> AI programs <b>must</b> unbuffer stdin and stdout themselves. This is explained in the manual page, but I figured no one would read it. It is fairly simple to unbuffer stdin/stdout in C/C++ and python, I have not investigated other languages yet. </p>
<h2> Long Term Scoring </h2>
<p> <b> WARNING: Work in progress </b> </p>
<p> It is currently planned to store all the AIs on a virtual machine, and periodically run a script to play a round robin </p>
<p> The scores for each round and the total scores will be recorded from the start to the end of the competition. </p>
<p> The competition will run over a period of weeks (depending on general enthusiasm...), and competitors will be able to alter their programs except during the periods in which the script is running. </p>
<p> The following categories will be used when determining the final winners:</p>
<p> <ol>
<li> Total score</li>
<li> Number of rounds won</li>
</ol> </p>
<h2> Sample AI Programs </h2>
<p> <b> WARNING: Work in progress </b> </p>
<p> The following sample programs are currently available (and in a working state - refer to the git repository): </p>
<p> Several rounds will be played (depending on the number of entries), with contestants given time to improve their entries between rounds. </p>
<p> Each round is a round robin, with every AI playing several games against each possible opponent. A points system is used to score each AI, 3 points for a Win, 2 for a Draw, 1 for a Loss or -1 for an Illegal response (counts as a Win for the opponent). Scores accumulate between rounds. </p>
<p> The winning AI will be the AI with the highest score after all rounds have been played. In the event of a tied score, the two highest scoring AI's will play one more round consisting of three games. If the scores are still tied, the official outcome will be a Draw. </p>
<p> When the competition officially runs, results will appear <a href="results"/>here</a>. Preliminary test results might occasionally appear there for the next few weeks. </p> <p>
<h2> Sample AI Programs </h2>>
<p> The following sample programs are currently available (and in a semi-working state - refer to the git repository): </p>
<table border="0">
<tr> <th>Name</th> <th>Language</th> <th> Moves </th> <th> Considers... </th> </tr>
<tr> <td>basic_python</td> <td>Python</td> <td>Randomised</td> </tr>
<tr> <td>basic_cpp</td> <td>C++</td> <td>Randomised</td> </tr>
<tr> <td>asmodeus</td> <td>Python</td> <td>Scored</td> <td>Path finding, known combat results, piece values</td> </th>
<tr> <td>vixen</td> <td>Python</td> <td>Scored</td> <td>Asmodeus + Probabilities for unknown combat results </td> </th>
<p> It is planned to implement the equivelants of these samples in C++ and Python at least, possibly other languages later. </p>
<h2> Submissions </h2>
<p> We (I?) are now accepting test submissions. </p>
<p> You must submit the full source code, and build instructions or makefile(s) for your program. </p>
<p> Also include the name of the executable or script, the name of the AI, your name, and optionally a description of your AI and its tactics. </p>
<p> Please email [email protected] if you have a submission. </p>
<p> <b> Code which attempts to comprimise the host machine, or interfere directly with the functioning of other programs will be disqualified. </b> </p>
<h2> Dates </h2>
<p> The competition will run in 2012. The exact dates have not been determined. I will consider whether it is worth waiting until freshers have a chance to make submissions March/April, or running the competition earlier in January/February. </p>
<p> The competition will run in 2012. The exact dates have not been determined. An email will be sent to the list and messages sent to the irc channel. </p>
<h2> Involvement </h2>
<p> If you want to help set up the competition, email [email protected] </p>
<p> There isn't much left to do, but all help is appreciated. Maybe you can suggest something, and volunteer to implement it! </p>
<p> The most useful thing you can do is actually write an AI, and test the manager program. Please report any bugs (in the manager program, not in your AI!) to [email protected] (you can feel free to fix them, but won't be able to push unless you email matches). </p>
<p> <b>Last webpage update: 20/12/11</b></p>
<p> <b>Last webpage update: 22/12/11</b></p>
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