1. 06 Jan, 2012 1 commit
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      [RULE CHANGE] "NO_MOVE" is no longer a legal · 85cfed04
      Sam Moore authored
      Previously AIs could respond with "NO_MOVE" whenever they felt like.
      Officially, now they can only respond with "NO_MOVE" when they have no mobile pieces left.
      (That is, only Bombs and the Flag are left).
      However the game should end by a VICTORY_ATTRITION condition as soon as either player loses its last mobile piece.
      So technically, "NO_MOVE" can't ever be legally printed, because the game should have ended. If it doesn't, there is a bug.
      Updated webpage, updated manual, updated README
      Going to email the list later today.
      PS: The rule change is due to a mean initial setup, for example:
      Here, Red has placed Bombs in all three "lanes". Red is unable to move.
      However, as long as Red can use "NO_MOVE", an unsuspecting Blue will lose most of its pieces on the Bombs.
      (Unless Blue puts a miner up the front...) But anyway, being able to not move is silly and not allowed in the real game.
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